What's going on in California’s public-school classroom’s?

Post date: Aug 07, 2019 1:6:33 AM

What's going on in California’s public-school classroom’s?


Parents, teachers, and community members across the state are growing more and more concerned with the controversial, sexually explicit and offensive sex education being introduced

in public schools.

Californians are trying to make sense of all the mandates coming down from bureaucrats in Sacramento wanting to sexualize our children as young as Kindergarten.

Changes in the Health Education frameworks, the History-Social Science frameworks, and the 

implementation of AB 329 that took effect in 2015, has created much confusion as well as 

prompted many questions which we would like to clarify. 

Every day there are questions about the laws concerning sex ed teachings and content. What is 

legal? What is illegal?  What are the rights of parents?  Can my child opt out? What can parents 


You can get the answers to these questions and many more by attending the upcoming “Let 

Parents Decide” conference to be held Saturday, August 24that Calvary Chapel Chino Hills.

With some of the most sexually graphic content being revealed, parents want to know what their 

rights are and exactly what is happening in their child’s school.

Capitol Resource Institute has been a constant presence and voice on the front lines standing 

alongside parents, advocating for parental rights throughout the implementation of these 

controversial policies. We are proud that CRI’s own Karen England will be one of the featured 

speakers. Karen brings with her a wealth of knowledge of the history that has led to the situation

we face today and is well-versed in the policies that affect parents and students.

If you have not already heard what the state is promoting to children, trust us, you will want to 

know more and take action.

We will cover the controversial sex education lessons being implemented, what your rights are as 

a parent, teacher, and student, and what the law does and does not require regarding sex 

education, as well as effective and realistic solutions.

Tickets to this critical conference are free. However, you must RSVP as seating is limited. 

There has been 1,000 people that have already registered. 

We suggest you register immediately to guarantee yourself a seat.   

Remember, get facts and solutions for addressing this issue at the “Let Parents Decide” Conference, Saturday, August 24, 9AM-4:30PM.


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