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Robert Nutting - Columbia Mission Trip

posted Nov 6, 2018, 4:38 PM by L D   [ updated Nov 6, 2018, 4:43 PM ]
Robert would like you to help support his
Columbia Mission Trip 
by making a donation and help spread the word.
Click Robert's picture to go to the "gofundme" page.
Robert Nutting gofundme Page

Shortly after becoming a Christian in 1970, I experienced a vision of a map of South America
(the northern part). I had to look up the countries because I did not know of them. They were Columbia, Venezuela, British Giana, French Giana, and Surinam. I felt an urging to go to these places as a missionary and continued to have a firm vision of the calling. I was 26 when I got the vision to go to South America. Although decades have passed, I never lost that vision nor the desire to go and so after praying about the perfect timing of the  Lord, I got the answer 3 years later and left at age 71.  I heard "Go Now" so I packed up a few belongings, sold everything else including my car and left. I taught English to the Columbians at English language schools and met many wonderful friends. I adapted to the humidity and customs fairly quickly. 

My goal for this next trip is to introduce these hungry hearts to Jesus as a friend in a personal way and to re-establish friendships to strengthen them spiritually. My heart is passionate towards the things of God and humanity that cries out for an answer (deep calls unto deep~Ps. 42:7). 

When my goal is met, I will be flying to Cucuta, Columbia in December and coming back in January. I truly do appreciate any amount that is put on your heart for this missionary cause.

Dios Le Bendiga  (God Bless You),

Robert Nutting