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New Ministry Opportunity - Looking for Oasis Home Group Leaders

posted Apr 26, 2020, 9:46 AM by L D   [ updated Apr 26, 2020, 10:26 AM ]

      Hello and God Bless my brothers and sisters of Oasis Church,

     I believe we are entering a new era for the Kingdom of God, and His Church.  We sense a
need to adjust our approach to a huge shift that I believe is coming.  The Lord wants us to
welcome new believers into the fold.  He wants  us to train and disciple them for successful
negotiation of the DAYS at hand.  He wants us to replicate lives of Christ minded people to love,
reach and help a world of those who do not know Him.

     In the interest of what we believe is a coming wave of souls in HARVEST time, we are
starting a new Ministry at our church.  "Oasis Home Group Ministries".

     These groups are to be very evangelistic in nature, and excellent in discipling new souls
in God’s Kingdom.

     We plan to follow very successful models as illustrated by Pastor Paul Yonggi Cho of
Seoul Korea and Pastor Cesar Castellanos of Columbia.

     Our wonderful Pastors Lester Hughes and Mary Grace will be leading us in this effort.  
Pastor Hughes has successfully led Cell Group Ministries in Brazil, and here in Sacramento
under Pastor Philip Goudeaux of Calvary Christian Center.

     Pastor Georgia and I  plan to lead the first official group of Oasis.  We plan to have 12
members who would be interested in fellowship with us and in the potential of leading a future
home group.

     These 12 members could be individuals, or a married couple operating as one leadership
team. Members of the original 12 could be male or female.  A hunger for God, His Word and His Kingdom are primary ingredients in the hearts of the team members.

     Fear not regarding your expertise.  We plan to provide all the great training necessary, and
a format for conducting the meetings.  Simplicity is the key.

     Many of you already have prayer groups and home meetings going, and we commend you
in that.  None of that will change.  Keep your meetings if you desire.  We appreciate them!!

                The Oasis Home Groups will be a brand new ministry.

     Because of virus social restrictions, our initial gatherings will be by Zoom.  Later we will visit
homes or perhaps continue by Zoom.

     We would like to ask you to consider becoming a member of this first core group.  After each member is trained in leadership, we will help you launch your own home group.

     If interested, please let us know.  We need the names of the first team of 12 by May 1st.  We
will pray and follow the Lord’s leading in formulating the first group. 

     I believe you will have great joy in this venture, and we will each GROW a lot.  I believe the
Great King, Lord Jesus will be very happy with your willingness to serve in this capacity.

          My cell for calls of text is 916-628-7884.  Email me at oasiscm@mac.com

God Bless you richly,
Pastor Joel